Anonymous asked:
Could you recommend your favourite bechloe Stories?


Oh geez, there are so many (on the app on my phone I may or may not have like 490 stories) I’m pretty bad at picking favorites, but I’ll try :)

Basically anything by awriterofthings and bechloehuh is amazing.

Mix of Emotions by Illithyia

Stolen and Vindicated by thesecretsociety

Not Dead Yet by Axinite15

The Fall Of Olympus by romeothewriter

Novacane also by romeothewriter (A lot by romeothewriter)

There’s Something More Than This by bluecolline

Stupid Choices and Second Chances by Biggiewoods

Beca is a Pineapple by Sweedledome

There’s a bunch more but it would probably take forever to list them all, so here are some of favorites. (this is not including triple treble, but I love triple treble)

Fanfic: Belong Ch 7, Pitch Perfect | FanFiction


Bored on a Friday night and looking for some Bechloe?? I’m working on chapter 8!

Lay Your Head on My Beating Heart Chapter 8, a pitch perfect fanfic | FanFiction


i just read it, it’s so beautiful… i’m swooning so hard, more because i was listen to all of me by Jhon legend, it’s make it 100% more amazing tha already is…


I really REALLY need this!

11:59 Chapter 4, a pitch perfect fanfic | FanFiction

“You’re here with me and you’re the only one that makes this whole thing less devastating.”


Everyone needs a zombie fic to read-

And honestly, this story is fantastic. Seriously addicting. It’s still in the works, but don’t rule it out on that foundation. It made my toes curl with the feels. Definitely bittersweet. Totally Bechloe, with a hint of Staubrey, but you’ll have to see how all that plays out yourself.

Recommending this one for sure. Check it out~

Demons- Chapter 10


Title: Demons

Author: Jamiexh

Rating: R

Summary: AU Beca has a thriving secret business during her time at Barden.  She runs a drug and prostitution ring.  Will her secret get compromised while trying to fit in? 

Author’s Note: The song used throughout this story is Demons by Imagine Dragons.

Warning: Major character deaths

Chapter 10


Anonymous asked:
What Pitch Perfect fanfics would you recommend? c:


Every story from AWriterOfThings. My favorite ones are the trilogy (what I like to call it):

1. This Time I’m Going After Love

2. Just Want Your Love

3. Everything Has Changed

I also love Stay and I have to announce my new favorite: Be Still My Heart (Cause It’s Freaking Out)

I also read from bechloehuh, Knope.We.Can and alyssa-gibson :)

Belong Chapter 6: Photo, a pitch perfect fanfic | FanFiction


Chapter 6 is up! Would appreciate your feedback, I haven’t gotten much of it for this chapter, hopefully you guys are still sticking with it! Thank you :)

Chapter 6: Photo

“I-I-Uh… Hi. I’m Beca.” Beca stated through gritted teeth reaching to shake his hand. She couldn’t be an asshole and push this douchebag away. It’d only push Chloe away from her further and they were barely back in each other’s lives.

“Oh, I know who you are… Chloe’s best friend. She talks about you all the time!” Brad added with a smile. Damn. Beca really wished this guy was a jerk… But he was with Chloe, the sweetest person on the planet. It seemed only fitting that she would pick someone so attractive and so seemingly nice. It made Beca internally roll her eyes at the irony. 

“She does, does she?” Beca said with a sidelong glance to Chloe.

“Oh yeah, totally. She’s missed you, shame you guys stopped talking…” Brad added lifting an arm around Chloe and pulling her close.

Beca felt like she was suffocating. She couldn’t watch this guy claim territory.

“Yeah, well. Guess that’s between Chloe and I…” Beca added with sarcasm. She couldn’t help but notice Chloe’s nervous stance, shifting from side-to-side and pulling at the ends of her hair. That was always something Chloe always did when she was nervous. He obviously didn’t know what had happened between them five years ago, and it made Beca wonder who actually knew about what happened between them and if it had even meant anything to Chloe at all.

Before Brad could keep grasping for conversation, Jesse came over and grabbed Beca’s arm  whispering something in her ear while pointing towards the door.

Hear the Angels, a pitch perfect fanfic | FanFiction


I’m finally able to update!

Summary: Beca is hit hard when she finds out her daughter is deaf, but the whole process is made easier to cope with once she meets the bubbly redhead, Chloe.