Sometimes I Wish For Falling, Chapter 5


New chapter up for my Triple Treble story Sometimes I Wish For Falling.

Triple Treble Epilogue


A/N: Hey everyone, thank you to everyone who liked this story. So here’s the epilogue, I hope you guys like it. I love you awesome nerds! I do not own Pitch Perfect. And here’s the link to my story on

"Would you like…




why are parents allowed to yell and scream at their children and call them names and just make them feel like shit in general…

but when kids try to defend themselves…. its disrespectful?

what kind of fucking shit parents do you have

is this a new thing to you


Just so everyone knows, I’ve decided that “OH” stands for “Original Homo.” I am such an OH. 

Anonymous asked:
Could you recommend your favourite bechloe Stories?


Oh geez, there are so many (on the app on my phone I may or may not have like 490 stories) I’m pretty bad at picking favorites, but I’ll try :)

Basically anything by awriterofthings and bechloehuh is amazing.

Mix of Emotions by Illithyia

Stolen and Vindicated by thesecretsociety

Not Dead Yet by Axinite15

The Fall Of Olympus by romeothewriter

Novacane also by romeothewriter (A lot by romeothewriter)

There’s Something More Than This by bluecolline

Stupid Choices and Second Chances by Biggiewoods

Beca is a Pineapple by Sweedledome

There’s a bunch more but it would probably take forever to list them all, so here are some of favorites. (this is not including triple treble, but I love triple treble)

Fanfic: Belong Ch 7, Pitch Perfect | FanFiction


Bored on a Friday night and looking for some Bechloe?? I’m working on chapter 8!

Lay Your Head on My Beating Heart Chapter 8, a pitch perfect fanfic | FanFiction


i just read it, it’s so beautiful… i’m swooning so hard, more because i was listen to all of me by Jhon legend, it’s make it 100% more amazing tha already is…


I really REALLY need this!

11:59 Chapter 4, a pitch perfect fanfic | FanFiction

“You’re here with me and you’re the only one that makes this whole thing less devastating.”